Monday, July 28, 2014

Off to See the Wizard and A Baptism

Dearest Family,

Well, your little "Munchkin" is headed on the yellow brick road of transfers, in the direction of the big, beautiful, Bavarian city of Munich!!  This week I'll be packing my things once again and on Thursday I bid farewell to the Rapunzel, fairytale town of Tübingen, and head to the Munich 2 ward (same ward as the Kohlers and the AP's).  I'm very excited!! I will be working with Sister Peterson, who trained Sister Pentz! 

This week was just wonderful. I went on great exchange with Sister Powell here in Tübingen. We had the chance to meet with Pia again with the Elders, and things went opposite of what we first thought. Originally we thought she would be ready for baptism, but rather she said she felt things were moving too quickly, and wanted a pause for a while. She said she would continue to read in the Book of Mormon, and then after her "Urlaub" in September, she'll give the Elders a "ring" and let them know her thoughts. At the end of the appointment she had us sign her Book of Mormon. Pia said she'd miss her "Short blonde Sister." I found it a compliment when I pretended to have a British accent when she said I sound like I am from the Cheltenham area (English genes coming through a bit).....she then asked if I knew where that was. Thanks to Grandpa Kenneth, I do! :) 

Lian had her baptismal interview this past week, and yesterday was her baptism!!  This cute 10 year old was so happy!! It was a neat experience being able to see her whole family there. A family, who was once less active and separated, has worked really hard to come back together to make this eternal family work. Since I got here in April they have made so much progress, including getting callings and coming to church each week, and yesterday the beginning of the end goal was seeing Lian baptized. Lian asked me to share my testimony at her baptism,it was a honor and such a special experience for me. Lian looked beautiful, and I am so happy for this little 10 year old!  

What a wonderful day!!!

This week on the way to an appointment with Valeria (who just proudly sent off her letter to the Royal family), we met a woman on the bus named Konstanza. We complimented her really cute bag, and the first thing she said was "we've talked before." Racking our brains to figure out exactly how we've talked with Konstanza before, she reminded us that we talked about one month ago on the train going to an appointment, and that we had discussed the Germany-USA game. The conversation continued and Konstanza began asking questions about who we exactly were and what we were doing here in Germany. We told her we were missionaries and had a message about faith, hope, and how we can find healing through our Savior Jesus Christ. Konstanza listened carefully and then quietly said, "I wish I could have that in my life too." We began a discussion about God, and what her perspective of Him is. She said that she has felt Him most in her life when she listened to music. The prompting then came to me to give this woman, who truly has seen so much hardship in her life, a copy of Lyceum Philharmonic's "The Master" that I had in my bag. It was originally planned for another less active that we were going to meet with, but I could not deny the powerful prompting I had. Konstanza afterward gave me the biggest hug, wrapping her thin arms around me and said "Thank you!" In the haste of "umsteiging" to our next bus we completely forgot to get her number, but we left her with ours and are praying that she contacts us.

Something funny this week......we got locked out of our apartment! And there was bread in the oven!! We went to ask our neighbor for some baking soda when the door to our apartment suddenly slammed closed. The doors here in Germany don't have the incredibly convenient twisty doorknobs like in the States.....we were left barefoot, hair up on our heads, and phone-less. We frantically began to klingel all of our neighbors, and no one answered. Scared that our bread was going to burn, we contemplated completely exiting the building and climbing up the emergency escape ladders, when our neighbor across the hall answered his door. (For a funnier picture this man looks like Carson from Downton Abbey). I explained everything as quickly as I could, asked if we could borrow his phone to call the Elders who have our spare, and not saying anything and quite solemnly "Carson" brought me his phone. I made my frantic call to the Elders, who were luckily only about 10 Mu away, and then gave the phone back. I said thanks to Carson, and again, without a word, he closed his door. It was awkward/very hilarious, and Sister Pentz and I had to stifle our laughter as we pitifully sat outside of our door. The Elders made good timing to our apartment, thundering up the stairs, and we were able to rescue our very, very, very brown Zopf. :)

This week, over the course of the events that have played through, I have learned the simpleness and beauty of FAITH. Faith is something so pure and fine, that it makes no sense to make it complicated, as many seem to do. Just as Alma says in Alma 32, that when we even have the desire and wish to believe, then it will grow. It takes precious time, and thankfully our Heavenly Father is that Master of Time. He has His perfect ways and His perfect timing, and I am so grateful that I have these 18 months to progressively perfect having faith. Faith makes us whole. It is a lifeline. Just as a body needs nourishment to continue growing, so does our faith. I am so grateful for the scriptures, for my lifeline of daily prayer, and for the peace and wholesomeness I feel during the Sacrament.

Never forget that Faith without works is dead. Show your faith! Live your Faith!

I'm A Mormon Missionary.
I Know It.
I Live it.

Your Alpine Miss,

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  1. Liebe Natalie,

    ich finde es einfach großartig, wie du deine Mission schätzt. Mit deiner liebevollen Einstellung bist du das beste Werkzeug in Gottes Händen! Und deine Zeit drüben wird für dich so viele persönliche Segnungen bringen. Mach so weiter, dein persönlicher Wachstum wird ein unermesslicher Schatz für dein zukünftiges Leben sein. Weiterhin alles Gute und alles Liebe, Irene Held