Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter from Sister Natalie Motto Transfer News: "I Couldn't Feel More Blessed"

Servus meine Lieblings!!
First things first...because I know you may be curious......Transfer 5 News, albeit bittersweet: I am staying in this amazing city another transfer and I couldn't feel more blessed!!!!!   The bitter side of this sweet is that Sister Judd is getting transferred to Graz and will be serving as Sister Training Leader. I have great confidence that Sister Judd will do amazing as a STL and in Graz before she goes home in a couple months.  I will miss her but we have had a great friendship and effective companionship and I'm so grateful for the time we have been able to serve in Wien together.  Now it will be my pleasure to work with my wonderful MTC companion Sister Green for the next little while here in VIENNA!  Even though we were only together a short 11 days in the MTC, I know and love her already.  Sister Clark will be working with Sister Nicole Packer, one of my awesome friends from PG High School. (So we will be roomies!!)  Small world, even smaller mission, and lots of good things happening darin!  I can't imagine what it takes to organize and navigate so many companionships every transfer...I know President Miles spends hours on his knees for guidance and so I know that these transfers are what the Lord wants and needs to continue to build His Kingdom.  Blessed! 

This week was CRAZY busy. Sorry if I am repeating myself every week but its true!  Busy missionary = tired missionary = happy missionary!  I have been going to bed exhausted and waking up....yep, you guessed it....exhausted! :)    I wouldn`t have it any other way.  Thankfully the hard work is paying off!  (Speaking of paying off...I am happy to announce that I have conquered the Euro/Dollar thing...I have successfully converted everything in my non-numerical mind which has helped me figure out really what I am spending.  For awhile there, the Euros really seemed like Disney Dollars:) 

You know what is fun and exciting?  Being a missionary!  Administering His work through various means of missionary work is awesome. We are happier and more productive when we have balance in our work/life. So this week we spent a lot of time doing follow-ups and street contacting in search for new investigators. We had some AWESOME appointments with some teaching potentials as well as less actives.  I cant say enough good about our Wien 1 members. LOVE this ward!! Their support for this work is mind blowing and truly humbling.  We had over 20 less active visits!   I really think that these less actives just need to know that they are loved and are important to the Lord.  That is our message...and it rings true for all of us, doesn't it?  The Lord LOVES US!!   I had a couple of less actives throw their arms around me and thanked me for sharing our message.  The appreciation from them was tangible and so sweet. 

Apropos of balance in all be able to attend the USA v AUSTRIA mens nation soccer game was so much fun!!!!  I would have loved for you to be there with me family.  That's great that you were able to see it on TV and I laughed when you said that you kept pausing the TIVO in order to scan the audience for a glimpse of me!  I feel so loved and important:)  Well, at least you got some of my pictures, right?  The Elders in the Vienna 5th ward were invited by their members, so we had a group of 8 missionaries at the game. We spent our time with some of our favorite members and enjoyed the crazy, upbeat, energetic culture of a Euro Fussball game.  Even though the Fussball environment was itself was rather insane...we all felt very "protected", as if we were in our own little bubble.  True that the Lord watches over His missionaries....even at soccer games. Das Stimmt!

Our wonderful Vienna missionaries from Wien 1 and Wien 5 along with the members who invited us -- isn't that cool!?

The atmosphere was electric!  Even though this place was completely insane -- we were protected, almost as if we were in a bubble.

Doesn't matter where we are -- we are missionaries first and always!

This week I also got to experience my very first European Christmas market!!!  I walked in....and stood in complete wonder and amazement.  It took my breathe away. Sister Judd just giggled at my enthusiasm.  How could she know that I`ve heard about Christmas markets my ENTIRE life (How can this Christmas baby NOT love anything Christmas?)  and then to experience one for the first time was even more magical than I could have ever dreamed. We are going again today after a Thanksgiving lunch with our entire district. I can`t wait!  I have decided to do the remainder of our December street contacting at the Christmas markets.  Lots of people there to meet and to explain about the true meaning of Christmas:) 

One of the many Vienna Christmas markets

We were able to enjoy our ward Primary Program yesterday. Our cute 12 primary children sang songs and gave talks outlining the lesson as found in  Preach My Gospel, "The Gospel of Jesus Christ."  Best things happen during the primary programs, gel?  So amidst little Mattiaus blowing in the mike like Darth Vader and cute Malisse singing at the top of her lungs with no tone at all, the Spirit that filled the chapel yesterday was one of the sweetest I have ever felt on my mission. I had to control my almost sobbing sounds of tears.  Our sweet investigator, Nicole came to church yesterday with her son Davin and daughter Nelia for the first time in about 2 months.  She loved it and felt so much love.  Also, our investigator Tanja came to Church for the first time in a long while yesterday. She told me she had questoins that she needed asnwered, and that`s why she came. During the Sacrament Tanja leaned over to me and whispered, with tears in her eyes, that her questions were being answered simply by realizing  the warm flood of emotion building in her chest. She wept even more during the PV Program, and I am so grateful that Tanja was able to feel of the Spirit as strongly as I myself did during the beautiful meeting.

This weekend we were privileged to have Zone Conference. I could go on about President and Sister Miles all day --  I think the Alpine German Speaking Mission is probably the luckiest in the Church to have such an incredible, humble, wonderful leader guiding us. Our main focus this conference was our mission thema/motto which is "Wir sind gehorsam, wir sprechen mit jedem, und wir taufen", or "We are obedient, we talk with everyone, and we baptize." President and Sister Miles talked a lot about the importance of being obedient and it was emphasized over and over the importance of kneeling in prayer at the end of each day and reporting back to our Heavenly Father how obedient we were. I thought it was really interesting and decided to rededicate myself to this challenge. Obedience is such a powerful concept.  Each day we make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions. Some are big and some are small, some are for our benefit and others can lead to unpleasant consequences.  Heavenly Father, knowing that we need some guidance, has given us commandments and rules to help us better differenciate good from the bad. But, because we  human, we all make mistakes. But it is through the Atonement of Jesus Christ that we are able to  repent and promise to be better.  This week...for our US Thanksgiving holiday...I am most grateful for that.  The Atonement allows us to return to our ever-forgiven, loving, perfect Heavenly Father.
Our Vienna district singing….:)

Viena Zone Conference December BIrthdays 

Our amazing Vienna zone with President and Sister Miles
We LOVE our Vienna Elders….They are so good to us!

I want to let you all know of my testimony of this Gospel and the infinite role our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ plays in our lives. He is there to comfort us, support us, give us strength, and help us begin anew according to our needs. He is there to encourage, inspire, enlighten, and bless.  It is beyond words of earthly description to tell you of my appreciation to my Savior and to my most loving Heavenly Father who I KNOW live!!

I love you all! Onto the next transfer with a new and bright beginning. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and always remember to be grateful, not just Thursday, so God can better give you those blessings "in überfluß."

Alles liebe,
Sister Natalie Motto    
Bonus pictures sent by a member of the Sister Missionaries learning how to make Chocolate Balls

Monday, November 18, 2013

Letter From Sister Motto in VIENNA!!! "The Modern Day Miracle"

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

Servus Servus from chilly Vienna!! And what do you honor my arrival in Vienna the Christmas lights are up and Christmas markets open TODAY....really, how did they know?! ;)  

Ok.....mission life. I am LOVING VIENNA!! My new favorite city on earth. I cannot believe this transfer is almost up. I feel so at home here. My ward is absolutely incredible. Bishop Christoph Soucek is President Thomas Soucek's brother, and he is seriously an older version of Elder Quinn Black. I'll send you a picture sometime. We have a cute 91 year old lady who gives us Manner candy bar each week: needless to say my Manner supply is good for a while. I love being a missionary in a big city: the work here is simply different. Many missionaries in our mission call Vienna "magical" because the member-missionary work is very, very strong. There are times I really miss my cute little quaint Göppingen but like I said I feel very at home and very comfy cozy here in Vienna. The peace I felt from Day 1 has not left. I know this is where I need to be.

So much happened this week!  I'm out of breath just thinking about it.....  First, we were informed last Monday of a new policy in our mission where we are able to write emails on Thursdays for one hour to participate in some ONLINE missionary work! We email our investigators, potentials, and "familiarize ourselves with the LDS websites". So neat!  These emails will be strictly for the pure essence of missionary work and not to email home, sorry Mom.

This week we also had our Zone Training meeting, and this upcoming Friday we will have Zone Conference.  At Zone Training we talked about HOPE, our Christlike attribute for this month picked out by Sister Miles, and focused on the talk by Elder Uchtdorf "The Hope of God's Light."  We had a discussion on what we thought the opposite of hope was. I didn't quite think about it, but the opposite of hope is DESPAIR.  Hope is like a beacon of light, and when we don't have hope we are walking in darkness, whatever our personal darknesses may be. What a blessing and heavenly gift it is to have a testimony and knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ, who is our ultimate Source of light. Faith and hope go hand in hand: you cannot have one without the other.   Our Vienna Zone is something special...all of these missionaries are united in faith.  They are all stalwart, strong and believing....and of much fun!  I loved seeing my local friend Sister Winters and meeting some of the other newer missionaries.  This is a GREAT place and an amazing time to be a missionary!

In the upcoming weeks the 280 strong missionaries in the Alpine German Speaking Mission will be exercising our FAITH and HOPE as we have promised with the Lord to participate in a modern-day miracle. We, as a mission, are fasting twice this month and exercising our faith as we work each day, to bring to pass 180 more baptisms by December 31, 2013, to reach our 2013 year goal of 290 baptisms. Now, this miracle is not going to be easy, and as missionaries and members we are going to have to put forth our very, very, very best efforts to accomplish this goal. Hope and it's dutiful partner Faith are the two attributes and elements we will hang onto as we go out and work each day to fulfill this goal in bringing 180 precious, beloved Sons and Daughters unto Him. President Miles has encouraged each missionary to read "It's a Miracle" by Elder Neil L Andersen and to pray with the Lord to figure out what our personal contributions to this goal are. I have such a strong testimony of this promise, and I KNOW the Lord has in mind a great plan for each individual Elder and Sister in the mission, because He does for me. I have never wanted to work harder on my mission! I realize now that I have always had this drive, but now with a divine, beautiful, personal witness of how I as a missionary can contribute to the Lord's work.  Asking the Lord and recieving this answer was something I've needed to do all along. I can happily say that from this moment on, my mission has improved and changed for the better!

Guess WHAT?! On Tuesday the national Austrian Soccer Team plays a friendly with the USA!!!  And we get to go!!! Tor Tor Tor….can you believe that???!!! We are shortening our pday today so that we can have some "saved" over for Tuesday night.  I am so excited and will be thinking about my soccer obsessed family during the entire thing!

A couple of days ago we were able to meet with Nicole Mörwald (who was found by Elder Moon [E Moon is from our home stake in Lindon] when he served here in Wien 1!). Nicole is an individual I feel like I really connect with. Nicole has had all the lessons, but because of a source Nicole cannot control,  denial from her husband, she cannot yet be baptized. Our lessons, therefore, are always discussions and are really interessting as we help Nicole's understanding of the Gospel grow. We talked about Joseph in Egypt and how the main message of his story is the beautiful gift of forgiveness. We also talked about faith and prayer, and together kneeled in prayer for the families and people in the Phillipines, and the people who have been effected by this natural disaster. Nicole offered the prayer, and what a prayer full of faith and humility it was, as she prayed specifically for the missionaries, their families, the members of the Church, and the children. It was such a beautiful moment.   Please continue to pray that her husbands heart will soften.

This weekend we were able to attend the baptism of Pouria Baktahr, Elder Richmans and Worthens investigator!!  Pouria refers to himself as Pouria Nephi as he LOVES Nephi and wants to strive to become more like him.  This baptism was full of support and love from the sweet saints in this ward.  Sister Judd and I have had the opportunity to sit in and teach Pouria a few times with the Elders and the 5 of us have created a great circle of friends. This past Saturday Pouria was baptized by Richard Huy, one of our ward missionaries (Baagi's husband). Richard and Baagi have become surrogate parents for Pouria, and the overall baptism was very, very touching.  I adore this ward -- they are strong and supportive and diligent in all things. Pouria was first introduced to the missionaries in Innsbruck and met them on the street, and that was the only interaction he had with them.  See, there are lots of successes with street contacting! A few weeks later after moving to Vienna, Pouria had a dream about 2 missionaries. He awoke the next morning, which happened to be Sunday, and had an overwhelming prompting to go to Church. He looked up our address, Silbergasse 2, attended Sacrament Meeting, and asked Elders Richman and Worthen if he could be taught everything to know about the Gospel. He was baptized 7 weeks later. In his blessing when he was given the gift of the Holy Ghost, Pouria was complimented on his ability to recognize the truth of God, and that this spiritual gift will bless his life and family in the future. Pouria is an example of just one out of many who are prepared and ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ: it's our job as missionaries to find those sheep!  No one can claim that Germany and Austria and Switzerland are not ready to hear the Gospel...the Gospel is going forth stronger than ever! We are a baptizing mission!

Newest Member of the Wien 1 ward

I was deeply touched as today I read "Being A More Christian Christian" from Oktober 2012 General Conference, by Elder Robert D. Hales.  For me, I will never forget December 31, 2001 on a very cold morning in Chicago, Illinois: the day I was baptized. Second, I will never forget February 28, 2013, as I further made promises with my Father in Heaven and took once again myself the name of Christ when I was blessed to receive my endowment

As we make these promises, namely at baptism, we are to "forsake our nets and follow Him" just as Peter and Andrew. We are to leave behind worldly habits, customs, and traditions. That also means leaving behind regret, doubt, fear, and looking forward to a new day and promise to be better. We are literally made new in Christ, and as Elder Hales says "our very natures change, and we are no longer wanting to go back to our old ways." This process is called CONVERSION. Even as we become converted and steadfast and rock-solid faithful, there must needs be for opposition in all things. Even the most faithful of Christians and members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints will be, as Elder Hales says, BLESSED with the opportunity to experience difficulties and disappointments. What? I would have never guessed my trials would be considered to be so much as a blessing. A learning experience, most definitely. Something to make me a better person, no doubt. But as a blessing? Wie so? These challenges Elder Hales describes as refining challenges, challenges and hardships that will ultimately, if we hold faithful, shape and mold us to become new Disciples of Christ.

He is there to bless us. He is there to lift, encourage, comfort, and build us. Jesus Christ is our Savior who loves us! I am so honored to be in His service.

Ich wünsche Euch Alles Güte und wünsche dass Ihr alle eine wunderbare Woche haben werdet!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Natalie Motto

Monday, November 11, 2013

Week 24 from Sister Motto "The Simple Things Continue to Bless My Life Everyday"

Dearest Family and Friends,

Servus aus beautiful albeit grey and a little chilly-- wunderbar Vienna! Even in this muddled weather, this city is still beautiful and majestic! I am so humbled and so grateful to be able to serve in here in WIEN!

This week was exhausting! Which is good, right?  What do you say mom..."a tired missionary is the best missionary" ?   You speak truth.  When we are tired, I know it's because we have been stretching ourselves to the very limit of weariness -- in a good way.  Hard work pays off and that is what the Lord expects.  This week's exhaustion brought upon a couple of extra knots in my shoulders and neck -- not quite the size of Texas but close. :)   But it's ok, I know that as I continue to be obedient and desire to work hard, the Lord will provide the physical, emotional and spiritual strength to do so. Each day my heart swells with the overwhelming warmth of LOVE and GRATITUDE to be here on a mission.   That warmth, I am certain,  will get me through the coming months of cold, wet and snow!

Gratefully this week we were able to accomplish wonderful and LOTS of follow-ups on previous investigators, hoping to increase our pool of investigators and help our sweet less actives and young adults. Through this process, we met Tovo, a young man about 27 years old from Madagascar. He is living with his sister here in Vienna to study German and history. Tovo has excellent German, and is very excited to continue learning more about the Church. He lost contact with missionaries a few years ago and was so pleased when we called. Our first meeting with him was great! We gave him a Book of Mormon in French, his mother language, and then almost immediately challenged him to baptism.  In only the way that our Heavenly Father can provide, the sweet small voice of the Spirit told us that Tovo wasn't ready and that we needed to wait to ask him for this commitment at this time.  And as a result of our listening and following the Spirit, Tovo said " I want to learn for myself this pathway is the one God wants me to take, and I will read this book completely, and then decide."   Since Monday of last week Tovo has read all the way to Mosiah, and keeps desiring to read more.  He loves the Book of Mormon!!!  We are meeting with him again tomorrow, and this week we will be team-teaching him with the Elders.  Isn't that awesome?

Yesterday I got to play the piano in Primary!!  Yay!!  I LOVE whenever I can play it.  The assigned pianist was out of town, and our GML's darling wife Theresa asked me to play. The kids here in the Vienna 1st ward are preparing to sing in the PV-Darbietung, Primary Programm, at the end of this month. This may sound silly but I got a little emotional listening to these little Austrian angels singing. Could there be anything sweeter than a child singing and praising our Heavenly Father in song?  I love our primary programs at home and this one promises to be as special -- if not more than ever.  For some reason, hearing the same songs I grew up with, now in German, deeply touches my soul and brings tears to my eyes.  (I cannot wait to take pictures and perhaps sneak in a film of them practicing sometime soon!)

After church we ate lunch with our wonderful and darling GML (ward mission leader) Perry, his wife Theresa, the elders, and the elders' investigator Pouria.  MOM AND DAD -- I had FUFU!! And's like what you said....interesting, kind of enjoyable but totally different than what I'm used to!  "Fufu" is a Ghanaian dish that Perry really enjoys. It was really messy because you don't use utensils, that was strange.  Thank goodness for soap and water...the simple things continue to bless my life everyday.  We watched the Hastening the Work of Salvation broadcast with them, and then talked about the importance of missionary work. Both Theresa and Perry, newlyweds and freshly returned missionaries, were so excited that we are sharing this film with our members! Pouria loved the film as well, and is also excited to participate, hopefully, in full time missionary service one year from his baptism (which is on Saturday) . So excited!!

Following our appointment I was talking with Elder Richman and Pouria about how many of the world's most renowned and gifted composers are buried here in Vienna, and only a short jog from my apartment (actually, the original burial places of Beethoven and Schubert are just around the corner! Pictures next week). Elder Richman, another amazing musician, got very, very excited. He asked Pouria if he knew who Beethoven was, and Pouria in his French accent said "Yes Rich-man, I do know who he is. But I want to know somesomething. Do YOU know where Beethoven is?" This lead to lots of laughs and a little bit of teasing, especially because Elder Richman was so excited about finding where the composers were buried.   It is fun to talk to other missionaries and to hear their own personal experiences as to why they appreciate Germany or Austria and why they felt they were called here to serve a mission.  Many missionaries are touched to hear that both my parents served German speaking missions and that my mom lived in Vienna as a student.  Not only am I beholden to my parents for raising me to love the Lord and raising me in the WAYS of the Lord, but I am beholden to those who have gone before me -- blazed the trail, so to that I can appreciate so many beauties of earthly existence like great classical music, architecture and written words.   I'm so thankful that my ancestors loved and honored the Lord and made huge sacrifices so that they could find the truthfulness of the Gospel and worship in righteous freedom.

I still have lots to get done today so I need to sign off and finish Pday! We had an amazing appointment with our investigator Doris this morning, so we get to spend some evening hours out in the city.  This city is even more stunning at night.

I love you all! I love being on this errand of angels and to help bring truth and happiness to His children here is Austria.   I am humbled and so happy.

Your favorite missionary, :)

Sister Motto
Sister Judd and me street contacting in Vienna 

Preparing for the Primary Program


The work is never done….preaching to those who will listen…at dark…in Vienna

Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 23 -- Do You Know What Is Even Better Than Vienna? MISSIONARY WORK!!!

Hallo Familie und Freunde!

This week, as all the rest, was absolutely fantastic!  Vienna is already treating me so well. :) :) :)  I can't help but compare it to being a Disneyland for grown-ups. This city is MAGICAL!  The beauty of the architecture, the tree lined, cobble-stone streets all intertwined with thousands of people from all walks of life.  There is a sense in the air of deep rooted cultural history that you can't help but appreciatively acknowledge.   Even though Vienna is huge, this large city lends itself to being personal and comfy.   VIenna's history is perceptible in everything -- the flavor of food, grand pedestrian walkways and the peaceful flow of the Danube, impressive museums and cathedrals.  Oh I wish I could transport you all here this second!  I love that I have a Vienna connection with Mom-- living here at the exact same age....and in the same seasons.  How great is that?!  And the music...the MUSIC!!!  I am standing in the same places as my favorite composers....Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss's, Lehar and Schubert!  Talk about a hot bed of musical creativity. WOW!  I am blessed and honored to be here -- and I am happily soaking it ALL in!  

Do you know what is even better than Vienna??? MISSIONARY WORK!!

This week we met with Nicole  and her family. Nicole is a mother of 4 beautiful children, ages 13 years to 18 months. Nicole's husband is not prominent in the family, and therefore is restraining Nicole from being baptized. She is an amazing woman though, who loves the scriptures and praying with her children. This past week we  taught them the story of Nephi building his ship, and we drew pictures to involve the kids and also see their understanding of the story. Cute 5 year old Davin, upon finishing his picture stood in front of everyone and shouted "SIEHT IHR MEIN BIIIILLLLLD!" Everyone look at my picture!! He was quite proud of his sketch, and I was very impressed. He drew Nephi and his entire family, even the pet dog! (Davin REALLY wants a pet dog and often compares himself to Nephi, so I think that explains the picture a little more.) In our lesson, we talked about faith and being obedient, and with our joint-teach Theresa (our GML's wife) we sang Nephi's Courage. This was probably one of my favorite lessons on my mission! This couple are pretty special people, and we are praying that Nicole's husband, Dennis' heart will be softened that Nicole and her daughter Alena and her son Elias can be baptized.

We had an appointment with a former investigator this week, Frau Gosch, who met with missionaries about 7 or 8 years ago. Frau Gosch let us in and we had a very pleasant discussion and talk about the Church. After our lesson I asked her if she had a copy of the Book of Mormon and challenged her to begin reading it. Frau Gosch then went off on a complete rant about how awful the Book of Mormon is, and how no one could get closer to God by reading such a book about war and destruction. I didn't know what to do, and Sister Judd and I were stunned.  This was my first real experience with someone disavowing something so sacred to me right in front of my face.  It was such an awful feeling.  How could she NOT know how beautiful and true the Book of Mormon is?  We closed with a prayer and left, and it took everything I could to not cry. Really, it broke my heart to hear such words about the Book of Mormon, and that this sweet woman and daughter of God did not understand the principles and messages between the stories of the Nephites and the Lamanities.  Missionary work isn't always sunshine and rainbows and baptisms -- living in fairytale is hard work!!  Although we have plenty of hard days and people can say really mean things,  there is so much peace and comfort in knowing that one day people like Frau Gosch WILL understand the Gospel, and accept it in it's fullness.  I know who is leading this Church and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.

This week I have come to realize the importance of being a consecrated missionary. This is something that I have learned about from Day 1 on my mission, and will not finish learning until I return home, and even until my spirit leaves my mortal body. In a conversation with Sister Judd, saying that at the end of our missions what could we describe it as in one word, I decided that my mission is the most REFINING experience anyone could have. I know I have brought that up a few times, but each and every day, each and every second, I feel the incredible power of God shaping me to be the best I can. Now, I have also come to realize quickly, that that kind of change doesn't happen unless we are willing to give God our hearts, and often that is much easier said than done. Our WILL and HEART and MIND is the only gift God has given us that He cannot willingly take back. He can take our homes from us, our wealth, our families, and even our very lives. But God cannot and will not ever take our will, because He loves us. He has given us the most beautiful and precious gift of agency, because He trusts us enough as His beloved children to make the correct decisions to return back to Him. How blessed and humbled I feel as a missionary, a full-time representative of Jesus Christ, to take upon myself that responsibility to help God's children REMEMBER the Gospel. As a missionary we are not teaching them the doctrine and fundemental basics of eternity for the first time. We are simply reminding these people of their divine nature. The Gospel rings truth and goodness, and people feel that in their hearts when they openly listen to our message. 

As a missionary, I have come to understand the importance of selflessness and humility. I want to kick myself sometimes thinking of how, in the past, I was so selfish with my time and energy. My mission has taught me the importance of giving back, because God has given us everything, and I am simply "borrowing" these precious gifts of time, talents, and life. I have made resolutions over and over to be better.  President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a MANIFICENT talk last year titled "Of Regrets and Resolutions". Reading this talk helped me recognize of living in the moment, taking advantage of it, and also of giving it everything one moment at a time. Elder D. Todd Christofferson also gave a talk, "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread." We cannot supply ourselves with a yearly supply of manna, otherwise it will spoil. Yes, natürlich, it is important to plan for the future and make specific and realistic goals for ourselves. But we must nourish, each and every day, our sensitive spirits. Our Spirits are DIVINE! They are literal, beautiful, magnificent creations from Heavenly Parents that are so susceptible to outside influences, that we must constantly feed goodness and light to them. That is why the "primary answers" of prayer, fasting, attending church regularly, reading in the scriptures, is so important. This knowledge and testimony I have always known, but here on my mission I have come to UNDERSTAND. And how grateful I am for that!!

"Denn siehe, wer denn wunsch habt, Gott zu dienen, seid ihr zu dem Werk berufen."  ("Therefore, if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called to the work")  There is no better motto for a missionary than D&C 4!! Oh how I love those precious, uplifting and godly verses....they are what help me get through the days and nights of rejection and weariness.  "For with God, All things are possible!"

Well...this letter must end for Vienna and His work awaits!

My wonderful friends and family, have a GREAT week! You are in my prayers and thoughts always.  Thank you for being my support team!  I love you all.

Sister Natalie Motto

Horse-love in every city….The Vienna ones are SO COOL!

Appreciating the Viennese pastries:)

Vienna Füssgängerzone right by Stephansdom --Stephansplatz

HELLO Sachertorte!!!