Monday, March 31, 2014

BIg changes….and back to Germany!

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

So many changes!! 

First and foremost I have been transferred! Ja after almost 6 months of being in this wonderful city, I will be leaving my Vienna, and am headed back to Stuttgart Zone to serve in Tübingen ward (Tübingen is about 20 miles southwest of Stuttgart and just on the edge of the Black Forest.  It is in the state of Baden-Württemburg.  It is a beautiful, small-ish university town where 1 out of 10 residents are students.) ! I am SO excited for the opportunity to serve with Sister Wunderli from Hungary, and I will also be serving as Sister Training Leader. That means I help organize exchanges among the sisters in the zone, as well as going to Munich monthly to meet with President and Sister Miles in a Leadership Council. It'll be neat with lots of new adventures! (And also cheap post (mail). One wonderful perk about Germany that I have missed….)

The beauty of Vienna in Spring

Wonderful members in Vienna who I will miss deeply

A new convert in the Vienna 1st ward and her fiance

Sunday we were able to have a special musical evening with one of the investigators in Wien 2 ward. His name is Maxim, he's from Russia, and is a professionally trained opera singer. I attached a couple videos of his performance, given just for the missionaries serving in Vienna.

We had some wonderful member appointments this week where we were able to give one of the missionary lessons, as well as practice our German. Our Vienna 1st ward members are so patient, and it's neat to hear their testimonies and perspectives as we teach. They give great feedback, are excellent German tutors, and also make delicious food.

This week we met with Nicole one last time before I get leave. Sister Green was sick on Friday, and so I went on a split with cute and awesome Sister Friedrichs. It was really funny as we met our joint teach, Isabell Junkarri. She started talking to Sister Friedrichs in English, and then when Sister Friedrichs replied in German Isabell says "Oh! Eine Deutscher!" Es war ganz lustig (Sister Friedrichs is from Germany):) We talked about the Priesthood with Nicole. The room was very still and peaceful as we explained what the Priesthood is, the role of Jesus Christ and the Priesthood when He was on the Earth, and the Resoration of the Priesthood through Joseph Smith. I have never seen Nicole more contemplative when we explained priesthood blessings, and each shared testimony of what it means to us personally. The Spirit was so soft and gentle, and the feeling in the room was the sweetest. I can only compare it to the feeling in the temple when one first walks in. Nicole says she will think about recieving a blessing. Life is very stressful with her 4 children, a part time job, and an almost never present husband to help out. I only shared testimony of what peace and comfort blessings can bring. The tears didn't come during the appointment, but later as I realized I would probably not see Nicole again, they came. She is such a special woman, and I am so humbled and grateful for the chance I had to teach and get to know her. This woman is one of the strongest and most incredible I have ever met, and I KNOW God has big plans for her.

Yesterday, Sunday, was an emotional rollercoaster. I cried throughout my goodbye testimony and on into the Sacrament meeting. Saying goodbye was pretty emotionally draining. This ward has been just like a family to me, and serving here in Vienna during a time in my development as a missionary has left a prominent mark in my heart. I have made many close and wonderful friendships while here. In addition to that, I have learned a lot as I have served here: it was here that I improved so much in all areas of missionary work. How grateful I am for the opportunity I had to serve in such a spectacular ward! As a complete surprise, Nicole came for Sacrament Meeting, even though she had plans to be with her aging grandmother that day, just to give me a hug and say goodbye. That alone made my day yesterday so much sweeter and worth it.

I'm now considered an "older missionary".....yikes. Ten months on the mission is quite a bit of time to figure things out and learn, although each new transfer makes me feel like a golden all over again. One of my favorite songs says "I will step into the fire so your love can purify me, and I will stay until You say I am through. Wash away all the flaws and every imperfection, until my will turns to You..." This mission has most definitely been one of those fires!! Highs, lows, and everywhere in-between, I have definitely begun to understand the meaning of humility, prayer, and the most important of all, Faith. We're made new through experiences that we perhaps did not expect or want to encounter. How grateful I am that I can enjoy the sweetness and joy of the Atonement each day as I kneel in prayer, and report to Heavenly Father how I did that day. I have pledged to give my best, and I've taken upon myself the priviledge of His name. I will always give my best. How grateful I am for my Savior Jesus Christ, and that because of Him I can continue forward and be made new.

Have a great week my dearest loved ones!! ENJOY GENERAL CONFERENCE -- I sure will! I am so excited to hear what you all learned!!

Ganz liebe Grüße,

Sister Natalie Hannah Motto

Monday, March 24, 2014

"What. A. Week. Blessings come after a trial of your faith."

Dearest Family and Friends,

What. A. Week. By far one of the busiest and most interesting of my entire mission, but also a testimony that when we work hard, we are blessed, even though we may not be able to reap the fruits right after planting the seeds.

On Tuesday we had a really funny experience with our investigator Clara. After our district meeting, we took one hour as a district to go through our area books and do a little "clean out." One of our Zone Leaders, Elder Botcherby, was there, and he gave Sister Green and I a record that belongs in our area. Turns out to be the record for our investigator Clara, with whom we set a baptismal date for April 20. After reading through her record, we found out that Clara has had EIGHTEEN baptismal dates with various missionaries in different wards over the past 10 years, and even filled out a baptismal record. There have been 3 too many times where the font was filled and people in attendance at the baptism, but Clara never showed up. WELL, being the 19th and the LAST baptismal date to be set, after much prayer and talking, Sister Green and I decided to drop Clara, and focus our energy elsewhere. When she truly is ready for baptism, we explained to her that she is more than welcome to meet with Bischof Soucek and talk things out with him.

Wednesday we met with Natasha, a woman we called up two weeks ago and gave her a Book of Mormon. During our lesson (which went really well, by the way!), Natasha recieved a text message. After reading it, she paused, and then excitedly looked at us and said "I can tell you now! My nephew has just been elected as the President of Serbia!" Well, we were most definitely surprised at that news, and because she was so excited, we ended our appointment a little bit early. We ate Croatian oranges and listened to Bosnian folk music, and then commited her to read in Alma 32. Natasha is a really sweet lady, but has a lot of energy and not a very large attention span because she loves to talk, talk, talk! We invited her to dinner with a member, Angela, who is from Croatia, and we are hoping they make a good bond, having so many similarities.

Thursday we went once again all the way to Laa an der Thaya to help Familie Kaindel in a service project. The Kaindels own 3 homes and are preparing two of them to sell, but the yards were Austrian jungles. The Elders and Sister Green and I labored diligently for 5 long hours in the welcome, warm sunshine, and got a lot done! My weak missionary arms were sore for the next couple days, but as I told Sister Green, the first day of spring isn't complete without yard work! (I felt right at home -- reminds me of those many spring days working with Dad, Mom and even Papa in our yard) ! It felt really good to get down in the dirt and get my fingernails dirty! The Kaindels were so grateful, and they came to church yesterday for the first time in six months just to say thank you! I talked with Brother Kaindel after, and he said each time he looks at the work we did for him, he begins to cry. He also felt so good to be back at church, and he said he and his wife will make the two hour drive sacrifice to come back again next week, and the week after, and the week after. Now doesn't that just bring a warm fuzzy into your heart?

Friday we met with two potentials, Bashir and Alena. Consequently, the both of them wanted to meet at Stephan's Platz, and their appointments were within just an hour of each other. Our meeting with Bashir was excellent, and outside of giving him a Spanish Book of Mormon instead of a French one, we had a great meeting and look forward to our next appointment Tuesday.

As we waited to Alena in front of Stephansdom, enjoying the beautiful springtime weather, I heard "SISTERS!!" (You always know that mormons are in the neighborhood when you hear that) and turn to see 4 people rush toward Sister Green and I. Two of them, Elder and Sister Nye, were a missionary couple serving in the Czech-Slovak mission, and were visiting Vienna with their daughter and her husband for a day. We had a great discussion with the Nye's, and as we talked we felt so encouraged and supported. It was comforting to me to realize that no matter where we go in the world, we are known by members and nonmembers a like, and to have that support as a full-time missionary is priceless. 

Our appointment with Alena was somewhat of a flop.....she is from Slovakia, and it was neat to talk to her about my ancestors from there. She even recognized the name Matta as a Slovakian name! However, Alena said she wanted to meet with us in person to tell us she did not have interest, than doing it on the phone, because she felt like it was more polite. At least it was a face-to-face break up -- a little rare nowadays but nonetheless effective and she was really sweet about it.

Friday evening we were able to attend the Relief Soceity party for the anniversary of the Relief Society! Sister Green and I made brownies and gave a short presentation on the RS in the USA, what kind of activities we do, etc. It was so neat, and the sisters LOVED the pictures of and the letter from the Lindon 21st ward sisters!

Saturday we experienced small but mighty miracles as we participated in a new Vienna Zone activity called "Power Hour". From 3-4 pm each Saturday, all the missionaries in our Zone (close to 30 missionaries) will dedicate that hour strictly to finding. We called members before and asked them to pray for us as we were out during this power hour. Sister Green and I saw miracles! Each person we talked to in this hour, which was close to 15, we had a really good discussion about the Gospel with. We found a new potential investigator named Sunny, and will be meeting next week! Although we may have not set 5 baptismal dates and found 20 new investigators, Sister Green and I went home feeling SO GOOD in knowing that we worked really hard and it payed off.

This week I felt so incredibly blessed, and really felt the support of prayers and thoughts as I went about each day. My testimony of faith has also grown a lot this week. Sometimes we hit personal "ruts", or low points where we get discouraged and occasionally very beat down by the winds of the adversary. But as we continually hold fast to our ultimate source of strength, prayer and our Savior Jesus Christ, even when at first the burden doesn't seem to be lightened, the light and relief will surely come. Awareness of our weaknesses and shortcomings is not something that bring us down, in fact it should build us up, in knowing that we are not perfect and that we can indeed improve! How even more grateful I am for my loving Savior Jesus Christ, and for His Atonement, that I can repent and be made better.

I love you, pray for you, and wish you all the best this next week!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Natalie Motto

Monday, March 17, 2014

Let Virtue Garnish Thy Thoughts….and OOPS…we did it AGAIN!!!!

Hallo Familie und Freunde!!

Greetings from a bright, sunny and really WARM and springlike Vienna, Austria! (It was a bad idea to wear boots and tights today, that's how warm it is!)  Experiencing Vienna in Spring brings on a whole new meaning to the world heavenly.  Today we're headed off to explore the catacombs at Stephan's awesome is that?!

This week was really fantastic. We had Zone Training on Tuesday and Sister Allman (one of my mom's close friends daughter!) and I had Austausch directly after. Sister Allman has been on her mission for over a year, and before her mission did study abroad with BYU here in Vienna. (We actually met before the mission at the Study Abroad Orientation back in October 2012, and we talked for the whole 2 hours! Little did I know we would end up being in the same mission and would have the chance to work together!  Sister Allman's aunt is also a close friend of my moms..Kathleen Covey!!) Sister Allman is a fiesty, energetic missionary who is compassionate, loving, and very down to earth. We worked SO well together!! We took a special dinner break, got some seafood from Nordsee, and enjoyed shrimp and potatoes in front of the Opera House. (Perks of being with Sister Allman, who during study abroad found some great secret places here in Vienna!) We talked and talked and talked and TALKED. We met some super cool people, made appointments for this week, and then talked and talked some more. I think we talked the entire Austausch. :) It is always fun to work with other sisters, to get their ideas and learn different skills in day to day missionary work.

SINGING Toilets in Vienna!!!! Everything is so musical here…..

I LOVED working with Sister Allman!!!

Friday we met with Nicole again. We taught a lesson on Captain Moroni, and even made a Banner der Freiheit (Title of Liberty). For a change Nicole was late to her own appointment, and was a little flustered from just picking up Davin from school. A young newlywed couple in our ward, Anna and Emmanuel, came as our joint teaches. It was really neat to see how, after Emmanuel gave the opening prayer, the Spirit came into the room, the kids settled down, and we were able to read the story in Alma 48. From my hairline down to my toes, a warm sensation buzzed in my body as we read Alma 48:17, where we read what kind of man Moroni was. Davin took off his shirt and waved around our handmade Title of Liberty and would shout "Ich bin Maroni! Ich bin Maroni!" (Maroni is a type of food found here in Vienna, a nut-sort of warm treat.) We got a great laugh out of it, and Nicole loved the story. She shared an experience where, after we sent her her daily text message with a scripture, she kept reading, and read the entire chapter we assigned her!! Nicole seemed to burst when she said she felt so good when she did that, and she want us to assign her chapters to read now instead of verses. We didn't want to push her or overwhelm her with reading, and although we wanted it to be consisent, we are so proud of her and the progress she is making. I have a firm belief that she will be baptized in the near future. Her marital situation is still not the best, but I know God will provide a way for Nicole to make that covenant, especially as she continues to fast and pray for it.

UH OH.."it" happened:   Sister Green and I got separated AGAIN on the bahn (train) this week!!  AARGH! We were on the Strassenbahn coming home from the Young Adult Center, and I got off one Strassenbahn to get on to another strassenbahn line which would take us right home. It took me awhile to realize that Sister Green did NOT get off the bahn with me and kept riding it for 3 whole stops!! It was super crowded and I thought she was behind me. I went to the nearest call shop, called our phone, where a paniked Sister Green says "I'M SO SORRY BUT I GAVE SOMEBODY A BOOK OF MORMON PLEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME!" Such a testimony that the Lord watches out for us: I was blessed with comfort and patience as we were separated all the while my wonderful comp Sister Green gave somebody a Book of Mormon.

Tuesday we had Zone Training, and our main topic of discussion was that of VIRTUE. Virtue means that we are clean and worthy, in thought and in deed, but also Virtue means that we are not prideful. Virtue means that we are repentant and meek, that we always seek after "that which is praiseworthy and of good report." (Article of Faith 13). Before my mission, virtue was something that I learned about in Young Women's, and had to do a 10 hour project for. But being a full-time missionary, I have coem to learn that we cannot go a day without virtue. When we are not having clean, righteous, UPLIFTING thoughts, our work is behindert. Who would have ever thought that virtue also means being Positive?....GOOD TO KNOW, huh???

I am so grateful for the support and love I get from each and every one of you. Almost 10 months out in the field, and not a day has gone by or has gone by that I forget to kneel in prayer of gratitude for the marvelous support team I have. I have been so blessed with stalwart and righteous friends, a loyal and loving and eternal family, and incredible, supportive ward members. I love you all so dearly, and from the very bottom of my heart I thank you for all that each of you have done to make my mission experience a little easier and more rewarding. I love you!!

Have a FANTASTIC week!

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Natalie Hannah Motto
"I have no idea what they are saying…."

"Sister Green, where is the my dictionary? No idea here."

Monday, March 10, 2014

"There IS Safety for the Soul"

Hallo Meine Lieben!

Greetings from a bright, blue-skied Vienna Austria! We were able to enjoy a beautiful Sunday yesterday at Church. Sundays have become my favorite day because we get to take the Sacrament! Each Sunday during the Sacrament prayer I love being able to sit quietly and contemplate and really think about the words being used. Pretty great stuff.

This week we saw many little miracles, which has been a testimony to me that the Lord really does work in the small and simple things, line upon line and precept upon precept. On Wednesday Sister Green and I did something we have never before done in Vienna: we went DOORING, or tracking and we did it for over three hours. We would "klingel" until somebody buzzed us in (doorbells are on the outside of apartment buildings, and you wait until the person you klingeled lets you in) and then we would run up to the top of the stairs and do missionary work the old fashioned way.  The joke in our mission is that you need to klingel 1000 doors to find one person who will let you in. At least in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, that's the norm.  Well, Sister Green and I klingled only about 31 (31???!!!)  before a cute young woman answered the door. She had long brown hair and it was apparent she was getting ready for something. We introduced ourselves as LDS missionaries and that we had a message for her about how her Heavenly Father loves her. This girl looked us up and down, gave us a funny look, and then laughed and said she was getting ready for work. She's a flight attendant and doesn't have a lot of time, and when she does she likes to spend it with family and reading. Sister Green then asked if she would like a free book, a book that meant so much it has become priceless, and that she would like to share it. We then shared testimony that if she read the book, we promised she would know God and how much He loves her. Not wanting to take up too much more of her time, we gave the book to the girl as well as our contact information, and she told us to come back in a week or two when she would be back in town on one of her longer breaks! Not even 45 seconds after, President Miles called us, and we were able to tell him our small but neat success story.

As a missionary it's always the little things that add up and make your work most rewarding. Even when you go an entire day without getting a single telephone number or having a single appointment, if you talked with everyone near you and gave your best to share your testimony about the Gospel, you go home feeling GOOD. Missionary work is exhausting, tiring, discouraging, stressful, maddening, frustrating and yet....we are able to love it because you lose yourself in His service AND when we are in the service of others..guess what?  WE ARE HAPPY!    It has been my experience and now I have such a strong testimony of it, that when we press forward and simple KEEP GOING, the Lord blesses us and will support us in our work..........We saw this with our miracle woman Natasha this past week.   

Former missionary sisters contacted Natasha in the early spring of last year. Not having any record of how much contact she has had, we decided to give her a call. When I called and after I explained who we were, Natasha got really excited and asked if we still had a book for her. The note written by Natasha's name was that she wanted a Book of Mormon. Thursday we went to her house and were able to give it to her. Natasha is a super cute and classy lady, is about 55, and comes originally from Bosnia. At the moment she was on her way to meet a friend, so we couldn't teach a lesson, but we were able to walk with Natasha to the strassenbahn and tell her more about our message and about the Book of Mormon. Natasha got SO EXCITED and her voice got higher and higher with excitement when we made our appointment. We made it for tomorrow, Tuesday, because Natasha wants her husband to be home as well. We were SO joyful to hear that and are preparing to teach her and her husband.

We were not able to meet with Nicole this week, but we keep daily contact through text messages and phone calls to discuss what Nicole is learning in her reading. We send her texts with quotes from prophets and notable speakers like Sheri Dew and Marjorie Hinckley, and she just LOVES it! We are meeting again Friday. I always look forward to appointments with Nicole. There is always such a special and unique Spirit there.

I have taken upon myself the great project of translating my patriarchal blessing into German. And man, is it HARD. But through it all (I've only translated the first 3 paragraphs) I have gained an ever stronger and more powerful than ever testimony that I am truly a Daughter of God. In translating my blessing, I have had to really focus on word choice, which has also led me to pay attention to what my blessing says. New details have been sticking out and I have begun to understand specific precautions or blessings, that I have never noticed before. There is no better gift than the scriptures, and think of having your very own personalized revelation directly from Heavenly Father!

I am so grateful to be a missionary. This work is hard, and exhausting!!! There have been many moments on my mission where I felt like I wouldn't make it one more step. Emotionally and mentally this work is draining. Just as muscles need to be worked out each day to be strengthened, my testimony has undergone the exact same endurance. Each day is a new marathon to run, but each day the marathons get easier, because we have done it before. As we nourish our aching souls with precious knowledge from the scriptures, the personal armor of prayer, and the soul-saving gift of the Atonement and sacrament, we will be given the energy to push forward, even when the storms come our way.

One of my very most favorite talks is by our dear Elder Holland...."Safety For The Soul".  I encourage you all to read or watch it.  Read these AMAZING quotes from that talk and enjoy this godly truth... for which I also testify: 

"Love. Healing. Help. Hope. The power of Christ to counter all troubles in all times—including the end of times. That is the safe harbor God wants for us in personal or public days of despair. That is the message with which the Book of Mormon begins, and that is the message with which it ends, calling all to “come unto Christ, and be perfected in him.” -- Elder Jeffrey R Holland


"I ask that my testimony of the Book of Mormon and all that it implies, given today under my own oath and office, be recorded by men on earth and angels in heaven. I hope I have a few years left in my “last days,” but whether I do or do not, I want it absolutely clear when I stand before the judgment bar of God that I declared to the world, in the most straightforward language I could summon, that the Book of Mormon is true, that it came forth the way Joseph said it came forth and was given to bring happiness and hope to the faithful in the travail of the latter days."  --Elder Holland

I love you all and I hope you all have a wonderful special week.

Liebe Grüße,
Sister Natalie Hannah Motto

Beautiful stunning Vienna and her  "Volksoper"

SOOO tired today…...

Monday, March 3, 2014

A 180 turn and back to two!

Liebe Familie und Freunde,

WELL. This week took a 180 turn. Just as unexpected as our transfer news last week to become a "dritt", this week we recieved an exciting phonecall that we would be getting another sister in Vienna. Her name is Sister Friedrichs and she is waiting for her visa to Australia so she can begin her service in the Australia Melbourne Mission. Thursday morning we were told we would pick up Sister Friedrichs on Tuesday March 4. Within just a few hours we were informed we had 3 hours to buy tickets and get to the Vienna Airport to pick up Sister Friedrichs! Admist the chaos, we were able to get the apartment reorganized and get it set up for her. Sister Friedrichs is really sweet! She's from Lübeck ward and is 21. Her German is BEAUTIFUL and she has the sweetest personality. She has a great sense of humor and I think will really love working in the Vienna 4th ward with Sister Packer. Sister Green and I sind wieder ZWEI!!

Being in a dritt for 6 days was very different but also fun. I grew a lot in those few days...relying on the Lord and working to be more selfless and thoughtful of others.  We had a great Pday at Stephan's Platz and Stephan's Dome, one of the most beautiful areas of Vienna I've seen. We were able to walk the streets as it got dark, and all of the big buildings were beautifully lit.

Etwas lustiges (Something funny): on the way home from an appointment Wednesday night, we were waiting for our strassenbahn at Schottentor and noticed one of the members from the Wien 4 ward, Brother Kaldaran, was working at his sushi stand. We talked with him for a good 10 minutes and got into a conversation with his boss, who has heard a lot about the Church and spoke very highly of Brother Kaldaran. We were able to answer some questions and talk a little bit more about the Book of Mormon. As our strassenbahn pulled into Schottentor, the boss said "Jimmy, why don't you give these lovely, hardworking Sisters some of our best sushi?" Chaos ensued the next 30 seconds which involved Sister Green and I running to the Strassenbahn, Sister Packer grabbing one box of sushi, me getting almost squished by the strassenbahn doors, us holding up the strassenbahn, and a lady who waited in line behind us at the sushi place running us a second box with eggrolls. The hot eggrolls melted the plastic container, but regardless we enjoyed a warm, fresh meal of sushi on the way home. Yes, we ate it all before we got home, and took some pictures as proof. Hard working sister missionaries = hungry sister missionaries and you know HOW much I LOVE Sushi!!

Post Sushi

Hard working missionaries= hungry missionaries=sushi=happy missionaries!
At the Primary Fasching celebration

Friday we met with Nicole and had our best lesson yet!  We talked about the 2000 Stripling Warriors and focused on the theme that "they did not doubt, because their mothers knew." Nicole ensures that she and her children pray morning and night, and after she reads the Book of Mormon she tells the stories to her children and they discuss them! We taught Nicole, Nelia, and Davin the song "Armies of Helaman." I teared up a little bit as we sang (thank you Motto genes) and after, as Sister Green talked with Davin and Nelia, I was able to share my testimony of my mission with Nicole, and what it means to me. My heart is so full as I recount this experience: there have been countless number of times where the Spirit has confirmed to me that meeting Nicole and teaching her sweet family is exactly why I was called to Vienna. It is without a doubt I KNOW that I was sent here to meet Nicole, and for me to see her example of being a mother and being an "honest seeker of truth". She is MARVELOUS, and I am so very, very, very grateful for the opportunity of being able to teach Nicole the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Saturday Sister Green, the Elders, and myself helped Perry (our GML) and his wife Theresa (the Primary president) with the Primary Faschings party! We got some pretty great pictures and had such a great time being with the kids. (For all who are wondering, "Fasching" is the Austrian and German and Swiss version of a springtime version of Halloween. Think Topsy Turvy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Nicole and her kids came, and we also had some friends of Theresa and Perry come who aren't members. We were able to talk with them in a more "relaxed" and "normal" setting. I feel like it's always good to show nonmembers and investigators that us as missionaries are "normal" people too...... just with a different and unique calling.

We had a really neat district meeting, where President and Sister Miles were in attendance. We talked a lot about gifts and talents, and were encouraged by Elder Jensen (our district leader) to go through our patriarchal blessings and make a list of all our gifts and talents, and then write how we can best use our individual, God-given talents in our missionary work. It was really a neat experience, and I want to share mine with you.

Each of us is unique and different and we each have something special and individual to add to the work of the Lord. As I did this activity, I was very humbled because I quickly realized how many gifts the Lord does give us. It is very known to me that the Lord shows to us our weaknesses that we may be strong, but what I just discovered was that the Lord will often pick His WEAKEST to carry forth His great work. Just because we have weaknesses does not always mean we aren't "cut out for the job". In fact, it does mean we are qualified for it, and the Lord is simply waiting for us to answer His call. Nothing has rung more true for me here on my mission than the truth and fact that each of us is a beloved, treasured, precious Son or Daughter of the Almighty; our Heavenly Father is the most powerful being in the universe. Shouldn't that mean, that, when we have weaknesses, we simply should turn to Him and ask for His assistance, rather than leaning upon our own knowledge? I can promise that as each of us looks upon our weaknesses with humility rather than discouragement, and turn to God in prayer and desire to change and become better, He will send His hosts of angels to surround us and support us. And if you don't know that, go pray about it!

Ich hab euch ganz doll lieb. Have a WONDERFUL week!!

Your little Vienna missionary,
Sister Natalie Hannah Motto

Hump Day

Me and Vienna

Sister Packer and me

Familie Mörwald

Our Daily Bread…aka weekly groceries