Monday, January 27, 2014

Es Schneit! Its Snowing!

Meine Familie und Freunde,

Greetings from a very cold and very snowy Vienna, Austria! (Finally the snow is falling...and all around is white and beautiful! Mom you were right...Vienna looks even more magical with the snow!) What a beautiful January (Jänner here in Austria) day to celebrate the birth of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! :) As I sit here in the freezing internet cafe, I am excited to tell you about our great week with fantastic appointments, including interviews on Friday with President and Sister Miles.  But I have to write fast before my fingers fall off…….

We were able to meet with Nicole and her family again this week and re-taught parts of the Plan of Salvation, with an emphasis on eternal families and the temple. We talked about family history, and Nicole found that to be "sehr sehr schön" . Nicole is making incredible progress! There was a moment during our lesson, talking about what a blessing the family is, that the Spirit filled my heart with warmth. In that moment, I was so very grateful for the family that I have been blessed with in my life, and that gratitude is simply overflowing and grows more and more each day.

Also in our week, we visited in our districts with the Miles. Again my interview went wonderful! President Miles is so positive, complementary and gracious. He loves the work we are doing in Vienna at this time!  I am so grateful for his wisdom and his love for all of the missionaries.  He gives great advice which comes directly from his heart. One can feel his genuine love for and trust in each missionary, and that means a lot to me. I love the feeling of energy and renewal of commitment after interviews, conferences, and trainings. It truly is incredible the power unity among missionaries, and our goals, and what it brings in missionary work! Sister Miles is also one of the cutest and sweetest missionary moms...she laughs and smiles with all of us, but at the same time, encouraging all of us to improve and work diligently. I feel so blessed to have the Miles´ as my mission parents! I feel so fortunate to have/had already such awesome companions -- I love Sister Green and she inspires me so much every day!

The Senior Couple in our District

Our awesome and amazing district enjoy Wienerscnitzel

This week, I have felt an overwhelming desire to express my love for my Father in Heaven. I have begun a little "Gratitude Journal" that I carry around with me, and whenever I feel a sense of gratitude for something or someone, I write it down. At the end of the day, I look at the list and offer a prayer of thanksgiving to Heavenly Father. 

I know He is there. He loves us. Whenever we feel alone, sad, discouraged, or weak, all it takes is us to get on our knees and whisper a prayer. Most of the time, getting down on our knees is the hardest part. But I can promise that as we kneel in prayer in gratitude for all we are given and are blessed with, our hearts and minds will be opened, and we will have a more illuminated, elevated, wholesome understanding of His love for each of us.

I love you all!!  I feel your prayers each day, and along with the strength which comes from the Lord Himself....that´s what keeps me going.

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Natalie Motto

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